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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the Developer? Builder? 

A: The community has been turned over to the residents and is no longer under developer control. All vacant lots are privately owned and those owners bring their own builders to build on their lot upon approval by the HOA Board of Directors. 

 Q: Does Evergreen have an onsite office/Employee?

 A: Evergreen does not maintain an onsite office. The Community Manager is Jennifer Erickson, LCAM. 

 Q: How do I obtain the St. John’s Landing Estates Governing Documents?

 A: The Governing Documents can be obtained by clicking on the Docs/Info tab at the top of this page and then clicking on "Governing Documents" on the toolbar on the left. 

 Q: How do I get in the gate?

 A: Residents shall be issued up to two (2) bar code decals, two (2) Clubhouse key fobs and a boat parking sticker when they purchase a home and upon completion of the proper forms. Property Owners are encouraged to purchase additional bar code decals for additional cars or golf carts [street legal], if needed. Bar code decals must be displayed on the passenger side rear window to enable usage of the automatic entry lane. Bar code decals are available for issuance and/or recovery at the Association’s Property Manager’s office. Any vehicles which are not be able to display the bar code in the correct position are not eligible for bar code privileges. Much like the State of Florida’s Vehicle License Tag, the bar code belongs to the vehicle to which it is assigned and may not be moved or transferred to other vehicles unless Association Property Manager is notified. 

A valid permanent license plate must be displayed in order to attain and/or purchase a bar code decal or boat trailer parking sticker. 

Property Manager will assign bar code decals to permanent license plate number for security purposes. Upon the sale, transfer or destruction of any vehicle that possess a SJLE bar code decal any Property Owner or their tenant shall immediately notify Property Manager so to inactivate the following decal and if possible remove such decal from vehicle. Property Owner or tenant will continue to be responsible for any illegal use of any such bar code decal. 

Property Owners or tenants at NO TIME shall ever hand-out, share, exchange, sell, or allow any contractors, guests, invitees to have any access to Associations, codes, bar code decals, key fobs or parking permits [boat]. Property Owners or tenants, if need, be will need to fill out form and contact Property Management for any temporary access for contractor or guests. 

 Q: How do I get a replacement key fob or vehicle window sticker and what is the cost?

 A: Residents can obtain additional or replacement window stickers or key fobs by e-mailing Amber Cox, LCAM at JErickson@Evergreen-LM.com and requesting a new Window Sticker or Key Fob. The cost of all replacement and additional Window Stickers will be $25.00. The cost of all replacement or additional Key Fobs will be $25.00. The cost of a replacement or additional boat trailer parking sticker shall be $25.00. All checks should be made payable to St. John’s Landing Estates HOA and mailed to;

St. Johns Landing Estates Homeowners Association, Inc. 

C/O: Evergreen Lifestyles Management
10401 Deerwood Park Blvd., Suite 2130
Jacksonville, FL 32256

 Q: How do I get a guest in the gate?

 A: A guest of a resident can enter the community by either pulling up to the visitor kiosk and selecting the owners name in the kiosk. The kiosk will then dial the owners phone number and the owner will have the option of selecting "9" to allow entry or "0" to deny entry.

 QHow do I obtain an Architectural Review Application?

 A: An Architectural Review Application can be obtained by clicking on the Docs/Info tab at the top of this page and then clicking "Forms" on the toolbar on the left. 

 Q: Is there a fee and deposit requirement for submitting an ARCB Application?

 A: No. 

 Q: What is the timeframe for an Architectural Review Committee approval process?

 A: 30 days. However, the SJLE Board of Directors trys to meet every two (2) weeks to review applications.  

 Q: How do I change my mailing address? 

A: A Change of Address Form can be obtained by clicking on the Docs/Info tab at the top of this page and then clicking "Forms" on the toolbar on the left. All completed Change of Address Forms should be e-mailed to CustomerService@Evergreen-LM.com

 Q: Can I pay my assessments Online or through ACH? 

A: A resident may pay their quarterly assessment online by clicking "Pay Dues (CINC)" tab on the top of this page. Resident will be redirected to a secure payment page where they will be required to register and await for a confirmation e-mail and password. Once they have that information they will be able to login and pay their assessment. Residents can also pay via ACH by completing and returning the ACH Form to Evergreen Lifestyles Management. The ACH Form can be obtained by clicking on the Docs/Info tab at the top of this page and then clicking "Forms" on the toolbar on the left. 

 Q: Who provides waste management and on what day? 

A: Waste Pro. Residents are responsible for calling the City of Jacksonville and setting up waste collection for their address. The City of Jacksonville can be reached by calling 904.630.City. 

The collection schedule for St. John’s Landing Estates is:

* Garbage – Every week on Friday’s. 

* Recycling & Yard Waste – Every week on Wednesday’s. 

* Tires, Appliances, flat screen tv's - Please call 630-CITY to schedule a pickup day and time. 

  Q: Who is the cable and internet provider?

 A: AT&T Uverse and they can be reached by calling 800.288.2020. Dish Network, DirecTV, and Xfinity are also allowed inside the community, however homeowners must submit AND receive approval of an Architectural Application before a satellite dish may be installed on their home or lot. 

 Q: Does the Association maintain the streets?

 A: Certain roads within the association are public roads and are publicly maintained, while other roads are privately owned and maintained. 

 Q: Does the Association have pet restrictions/policy for the community?

 A: ANIMALS AND PETS: Only common domestic household pets are allowed in residences. A property owner or their tenants may not domicile no more than four animals.

 (A) NUISANCE PETS: Pets that bark, meow, or engage in other disturbing activity for an extended period of time may be considered a nuisance. Such nuisance may be subject to fine.

 (B) PET DOMICILE: All pets shall be kept within an enclosed area, which must be clean, sanitary and reasonably free of refuse and waste. Pets must be contained within the respective lot, unless the pet is being walked. When walking your pet, it must be on a leash (electronic, ropeless leashes are allowed). Pet waste must be removed immediately from any street, sidewalk, lawn, empty lot or Common Property and properly disposed. 

(C)  BOARDING: No pet may be maintained, kept, cared for and boarded for hire (property owner or tenant) or remuneration (breeding) on the property, and no kennels for boarding or commercial operation shall be allowed. Caring for more than four (4) dogs for over a two (2) month period is considered a kennel operation. 

(D)  WILD ANIMALS: Wild animals, including ducks, geese and feral cats should not be fed by any person for health safety reasons. The Board of Directors will be the final arbiter of all disputes related to animals and pets. 

 Q: Are there car and parking restrictions? If yes, what are they?


 (A) TRAILERS: No trailers shall ever be parked on SJLE streets. However, trailers may be parked on Property Owner’s or tenants’ residential driveway for a period not to exceed 72 consecutive hours so as to allow for loading and unloading. Boat trailers with a boat will be allowed to be parked in Property Owner’s driveways as long as each Property Owner is in compliance with all COJ ordinances, if any.

 (B) COMMON PROPERTY AND EMPTY LOTS: No vehicles or trailers are to be parked on empty lots, nor on Common [SJLE] Property, except in spaces specifically designated for temporary parking. For large parties, meetings, and other gatherings at a private residence, the Property Manager may grant a permit to allow guest parking on designated vacant lots with the Lot owners’ permission.

 (C)  DRIVEWAYS: Property owners or their tenants who own more regular sized automobiles than the garage can accommodate should attempt to park them in the driveway so as to avoid having such vehicles in the public roadway in the most inconspicuous manner possible, to avoid being a nuisance to neighbors or detracting from the aesthetics of the community. However, no vehicles should ever be parked so as to block or impeded with any part of the sidewalk. Please note all cars parked on street should be parked on only one side of road so to allow vehicles to safely enter and leave SJLE neighborhood. No “other vehicles” such as commercial vehicles, trailers, boats, motorcycles, bicycles, golf carts, oversized or special vehicles (see below) are to be parked in driveways except as permitted herein. Any vehicle that is not in operating condition or does not have a current license tag must be parked in the garage or removed from SJLE. Vehicle repairs must be done in a garage; repairs in driveways or on the street are strictly prohibited. 

OVERSIZED VEHICLES AND TRAILERS: Vehicles described as extra-long vans, campers, motor homes, motor coaches, house trailers, car trailers or trailers of any type that are hitched to another vehicle are not permitted to park on streets at any time or in driveways with exceptions as specified below:

 (a)  Short-term guests of property owner’s or their tenants who are driving such vehicles or trailers may park them in the host’s driveway for no longer than three (3) consecutive days; or

 (b)  Property Owners or their tenants who own such vehicles or trailers are expected to store them in their garages, behind fences or outside the community. However, these vehicles or trailers may occasionally be parked in the property owners or their tenant’s driveway for no more than 72 consecutive hours for loading or unloading; or

 (c)  Such vehicles which are temporary in use and have been approved by Property Manager, however, such use shall not last longer than three (3) consecutive days. 

 Q: Are "FOR SALE" or "FOR RENT" signs permitted?

 A: SIGNS/FLAGS: No signs may be posted on any property, except as provided herein, where all such signs shall be no larger than 12 x 24” unless otherwise specified.

 (a)  security decals or small security company signs in the yard; 

(b)  temporary signs warning of lawn pesticide application; 

(c)  Property Owner or tenant may exhibit a political sign providing that such political sign is no larger than 24 x 36”. A political sign shall refer a sign that only expresses support for a candidate or ballot question [not applicable to lobbying groups, agendas] (“Political Sign”). Political Signs shall be removed within five (5) days from the results of any said election. 

(d)  “For Sale” and "Open House" signs that conform to ARB Guidelines. Real estate “Open House” signs may only be placed directly on the property itself. Directional and real estate open house signs may be set up, if previously approved by Property Manager, only on the day of the open house. Specific policies and procedures governing an open house are as follows: Directional signs will only be allowed for Open Houses taking place on Saturdays and Sundays only. The signs cannot be placed any earlier than the morning of the Open House and must be removed promptly after the Open House. Signs must be standard realty open house signs and in good condition. Placing signs earlier than Saturday or failure to remove them promptly at the end of each day will result in the elimination for that Realtor of all directional Open House signs within SJLE, including a possible fine. In certain instances, other signage deemed appropriate or required, may be approved by the ARB. NO “For Rent” signs in any part of yard or street are allowed. 

(e)  A Property Owner or tenant may display one portable, removable United States flag or official flag of the State of Florida in a respectful manner, not larger than 4 ½ feet by 6 feet, which represents the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard, or a POW-MIA flag.

(f) A Property Owner may hang or display any sports team flag [NCAA, MLB, NBA, NFL, Soccer or Olympic team] within 72 hours of any event, however, any such flag shall be taken down within 72 hours after any such event ends.

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